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The New York City Council is set to pass a measure on Thursday that prohibits bias against a person because of their weight – or height – in employment, housing and other public accommodations.

The provision would add the New Jersey school to a growing list of colleges and universities explicitly barring such discrimination.

The agreement from a 2015 lawsuit accusing officers of discriminating against Latinos.

Implementation of the law was delayed, but it goes into effect Tuesday.

Jackson Township is accused of using land-use procedures to discourage growth of its Orthodox community.

In an administrative complaint sent to the tech behemoth, New York State’s Division of Human Rights outlines several accounts of workers whose requests for modified duties or scheduling were ignored.

New report dives into the experiences and attitudes of the country’s second largest immigrant group

The 61-year-old was reportedly collecting cans for extra money in East Harlem when another man knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the head multiple times.

The anxieties health care workers are experiencing over the increased attacks are shared by Asian American patients, too. Some have avoided medical care during the pandemic.

A stranger followed an employee off the train “and basically punched him in the face," the chain's owner said.