Defense lawyers, who had fought the change, now say they are mostly untroubled by it.
A judge’s order restricting defense attorney’s abilities to challenge withheld evidence has opened up a rift between Albany and the state court system.
Prosecutors will have to share evidence with defendants much faster, once the state’s new bail and discovery laws take effect in January.
We are now going to spend the rest of our lives hoping to be sat next to a penguin when we fly. Because, yes: Penguins can fly!
SNL's Andy Samberg has been made Shark Week's Chief Shark Officer this year. Tune in next month!
Space shuttle Discovery stands ready for launch at the Kennedy Space
New York City's favorite new discovery, the remains of an 18th century
[Updated with more photos and a video below] The World Trade Center
We're not only running out of money in NY, we're running
We already covered the Super Bowl half time show alternatives, but what
The International Center of Photography is now in possession of something
THEATER: Wolf Lane Productions presents Victims of the Zeitgeist (The Tragedy of
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