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Also active as a writer, arranger and engineer, Adams steered chart-topping disco and hip hop hits, while also making more eccentric, personal records that had a lasting impact on later producers.

"This was like the coolest thing in the world. Like, 'Our little Nile Rodgers, our little Greenwich Village New York guy is in here skating with Cher.' Those roller-skating people became my lifelong friends."

Running from June 16th until October 1st at Wollman Rink, The DiscOasis will bring a mix of open skate sessions and theatrical performances amidst a glitzy, neon-tinged botanical backdrop.

Or at least a new one. Here's a look back at the 1970s disco hit 'Native New Yorker.'

Dan Rather goes deep into the New York City disco world in 1978.

Marty Markowitz said, "I tried each and every year to get her to our borough, and finally, in August of 2009, she came to Coney Island and performed her first ever show in Brooklyn."

By 1979 disco was inescapable in New York City. WKTU Disco 92 FM had risen from obscurity to unseat the #1 radio station in town, WABC.

Do yourself a favor and watch these dogs in a disco in 1979 New York City.

Patrick Swayze used to be the face of PBR? And PBR used to be the choice of beverage at the disco?

Mike Huckabee is here to teach your children not to blame America.