The film's marketing department is going into overdrive to try to salvage something from the disaster.
McFarland also told people on the conference call that they wouldn't be fired, and that he didn't know that would affect their ability to file for unemployment benefits.
By all accounts, it has truly been an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who lived to Tweet about it.
So after another week with more losses than wins, the Knicks are 7-17 and are in thirteenth place in the Eastern Conference.
Over the years we've had lots of reasons to love the folks at the Red Cross, but this map is a great example of just how much the organization does for our fair metropolis.
A video taken by a passenger of the Costa Concordia shows a member of the ship's staff asking everyone to remain calm and return to their cabins or remain in the lounges.
"I made a mistake on the approach…I knew the depths well…but this time I ordered the turn too late and ended up in the water that was too shallow…I was a victim of my instincts."
Here are a few places that claim they'll be open during the deluge.
"It is important to take every precaution as we prepare for the impact of Hurricane Irene," Cuomo said.
We stopped by some of our neighborhood subway stations hoping to catch a glimpse of commuting chaos, but instead saw a sleeping giant.
Today's lesson in what not to post on the internet is
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