These group homes were among the first New Yorkers to become eligible back in January. But as of mid-June, just 33% of their workers have received at least one dose.
Only about a quarter of subway stations are wheelchair-accessible, turning simple commutes into hours-long ordeals for the disabled.
"The city's plans are inadequate to ensure that people with disabilities are able to evacuate before or during an emergency."
A horrifying attack on a disabled woman was caught on surveillance camera.
A disabled second grade teacher in New Jersey has been fired after he was found to have urinated in a classroom and made kids carry urine-filled plastic bottles
We spent an afternoon with disabled civil rights advocate Edith Prentiss, who showed us what it's like to navigate the city's mass transit system in a wheelchair.
A disabled man has been hit with two summonses for laughing too loudly in his home after a neighbor complained to cops: "I didn’t know it was a crime to laugh out a window."
Stringer said, "There is no reason why seniors and disabled riders should have to put up with such a Byzantine process in the nation's largest transit system, just to get a replacement card."
Veronica Cirella has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of her daughter Julie, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair. She was also apparently deathly allergic to peanuts.
"This could be 'Gov. Steamroller again steamrolling on behalf of the yellow cab medallion owners who oppose the bill," one statehouse source said.
Someone named "Joey Boots" (if that is your real name) has
A custodian at Kings County Hospital Center has been arrested on
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