Disability rights

“I’d love to see any of you try to park a wheelchair with strollers, shopping carts, bags in the way," one wheelchair user said.
State health guidelines say any patient who arrives at a hospital with their own ventilator risks having it taken away for another person during a pandemic. A lawsuit wants to change that.
In a victory for disability advocates, the de Blasio administration has agreed to survey and ensure that all of the city’s roughly 162,000 sidewalk curbs are accessible for New Yorkers with mobility and vision-impairment issues.
Present on NYC sidewalks, the invention has been crucial in making transportation more accessible.
A discussion about the subway with MTA Chairman Joe Lhota at the Museum Of The City Of NY was disrupted, and ultimately cancelled, after disability rights activists protested the lack of public transit accessibility.
Including tenants, victims of domestic violence, targets of predatory lending, people facing discrimination, and disabled children.
Customers were left waiting for no-show drivers over 31,000 times in 2015.
Staffers who may still be employed by the state allegedly smashed residents heads against walls, denied them food, and botched their medical care.
Thirteen parents sued the charter network back in January.
A rule change made it harder to keep the freeze when a relative died.
Pedestrians and disabled New Yorkers are struggling to get around in this mess.
"The principal told me right to my face, 'If he comes back next year he will be left back again.'"
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