Dirty dancing

The money would be used to clean chemical contamination before the resort site is redeveloped.
And we are now unbelievably re-entering an era where access to an abortion may become just as difficult as it was during the time this movie took place, fifty years ago.
The resort that inspired Kellerman's in Dirty Dancing has burned to the ground.
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shrugged off the NYPD dirty dancing video, while Mayor Bloomberg suggested it's a great advertisement for New York.
The cops caught "daggering" with dancers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival could face disciplinary action.
Dirty Dancing is getting remade, but who could ever fill the shoes of the original Johnny Castle? Or Baby? Or even that kid who carried the watermelons that one time?
The 1987 classic movie Dirty Dancing may be coming to Broadway, more
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (directed by Steven Shainberg): Certain
The American Film Institute's Top 100 Movie Quotes special, hosted by
From the musical stylings of the composer who brought us Dracula and
Fans of 1980's lovesick favorites "Hold Me Now," "Do You Really
The BBC reports that Warburtons graciously asked 2,000 filmgoers what the cheesiest
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