The immigrant housekeeper was allegedly forced to work 18 hour days with no pay, after the diplomat stole his passport.
The son of a Pakistani diplomat has been arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old Bronx girl and sexually abusing her friend in a motel last week.
Khobragade is still in the country… for now.
Why not steal a $100,000 car left idling and double-parked?
Diplomatic immunity—it's not just for avoiding paying parking tickets! A man
Last month, the body of a Nicaraguan diplomat was found dead
Though Nicaraguan diplomat Cesar Mercado's death of 12 stab wounds to
The Daily News reports, "A Nicaraguan diplomat was found dead with his
Foreign diplomats who park as they please around the United Nations
City Councilman Eric Gioia suggests that the city and the state should
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