Dining out

The 100% true, no arguments method.
Hold the lemon wedges! Unless you want human fecal matter squeezed into your iced tea.
Danny Meyer and Daniel Boulud will go to great lengths to ensure that their serves float like swans and don't touch their hair during service.
A London restaurant is under fire for charging a mother a so-called "baby tax"—but is it really the worst idea in the world?
This year's Michelin Guide has arrived, bringing with it a few surprises.
Debunking the myth that getting paid to eat is the best job ever.
"You're taking up valuable tabletop real estate."
"I'd like a side order of extra leg room, please."
Point, counterpoint: Should children be banned from restaurants?
A new study shows that even diners with money to burn are still wary of going out to too many fancy restaurants too often.
The rules keep coming in. Bartender and restaurant manager Patrick Maguire
Bon Appétit , in an attempt to appeal to a broader, younger,
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