The new neighborhood restaurant and happening cocktail spot is from the Garret Bars team.
Employees at the Waverly Diner charge that the restaurant's owner cheated them out of $2 million in lost wages — then ducked out of paying them by declaring bankruptcy.
The diner was a favorite of the former Mayor for power breakfasts and practicing his Spanish.
A local developer allegedly bought the plot for $13 to $15 million.
RIP vaguely cowboy-themed diner.
It appears the beloved (some would say overrated) vegetarian diner Kate's Joint has reached the end of its rope.
And other fun facts!
Looks like the show's producer could use some of Fieri's patented chillax sauce.
jpchan's flickr Iconic Chelsea eatery Empire Diner lost its lease earlier
Photo via NYDiners Looking for a late-night pizza burger, Greek salad,
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay doesn’t give a damn about you, your girlfriend,
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