Dine and dash

This happened at Chinar on the Island on Staten Island.
Prosecutors also allege that he threw a chair and glasses when confronted.
After refusing to pay the bill, the pair allegedly assaulted the diner's waitstaff.
This is the first time we've heard of a taxi app service possibly being used as an unwitting accessory to a crime.
Should an Italian tourist been forced to spend the night in jail because he forgot his wallet while dining at Smith & Wollensky?
A waitress posted the Craigslist ad with the title, "Dear 3 black guys I served at Tonic East tonight (Midtown East)," Read her full, no holds barred account of the incident, and decide for yourself.
Staten Island's Vanessa Riccio has been charged with theft of services
According to NYPD data from last year, New Yorkers are either
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