Dillon stewart

The family of late Detective Dillon Stewart was joined by Parks Commissioner
A Brooklyn jury found Allan Cameron guilty of killing police officer Dillon
In late November 2005, police officer Dillon Stewart and his partner, Paul
It came as a surprise to Gothamist when we first heard this
Mayor Bloomberg is getting more support - not that he needed it
Only eight days after a funeral for police officer Dillon Stewart who
The killing of police officer Daniel Enchautegui (left)continues to be investigated, as
New York lost another of it's Finest early this morning. Daniel Enchautegui,
Yesterday, police officer Dillon Stewart, who had been shot and killed last
The NY Times was able to interview Allan Cameron, the main suspect
Allan Cameron, the man who shot police officer Dillon Stewart Monday morning
Police officer Dillon Stewart (pictured) was shot in the heart by a
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