Food policy experts and advocates want more than just lentils and bodega berries from the new mayor.
The program aims to help New Yorkers manage their chronic diseases through lifestyle changes.
Sharpton once said, "I ran into Bill Clinton, who told me how he has more energy, needs less sleep, and can think more clearly since going vegan, and I can tell you the same thing happened to me."
Thanks to the NYC Health Department's ban on trans fat, New Yorkers are eating healthier.
The feeding tube diet doctor also says, "The doctors who are against this are showing a tremendous lack of empathy for people who need to lose weight." Yeah, screw the medical issues that could arise!
Other stuff Bridezillas are doing: Getting hormone shots and limiting their diets to 500 calories/day or taking Vitamin B shots and prescription pills to drop the pounds.
Paula Deen also walks 30 minutes a day.
The Last Temptation Of Dolan: Carbonara.
Learn how to lose weight like they did in the olden days.
Just because you can't control what you eat doesn't mean your pet has to act the same way.
A Bay Ridge woman just wrote a book about losing weight on "The Champagne Diet," and science backs her up.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, people.
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