Despite the high cost of diapers, there are zero federal programs that go directly towards subsidizing the expense for struggling families.
Susan Haar is seeking $2 million in damages from Sexy Boutique.
Clearly there is nothing funnier than the word "doody."
Urologists aren't on board with Mayor Bloomberg's anti-pee break philosophy.
"Take the fewest vacations and the least time away from the desk to go to the bathroom or have lunch. You gotta be there," Bloomberg said. Does this mean he wears adult diapers?
Colbert was able to see the positives in the trend by marketing his own brand of "Kiddie Litter," and noting: "It's a great way to get the ladies room to yourself at Barnes and Noble."
The Times has its own report about hipster parents embracing the diaper-free child-rearing method...or as they put it in their coded language, EC "is finding an audience in the hipper precincts of New York City."
If you hear parents patiently hissing at their baby next time you're out a restaurant, don't worry: they're just trying to make the baby go to the bathroom!
The website says, "Rats and roaches scurry all around her. The authorities humiliated her further by attempting to make her wear only a t-shirt and diaper."
What happens when more than one million people pack in to Times
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