"You see the Okavango Blue, it has a story to tell, it has people learning and understanding how you arrived at that type of diamond.”
One man's half-decade quest to recoup his investment on a ruptured relationship ended in Manhattan Supreme Court last week.
She claims her landlord wants to kick her out so they can lease her apartment "for double the monthly rent they now receive."
Two top cops have been stripped of their badges, and two others have been transferred.
First, watch out for surveillance cameras.
Kanye West donned two equally bizarre masks last night in Atlantic City: one looked like the Abominable Snowman, the other was a diamond-encrusted futuristic globe.
A gems dealer from Forest Hills claims he met a beautiful woman at a hotel bar who turned out to be a thieving prostitute who stole $500,000 worth of uncut diamonds from him.
A prime selection of Huguette Clark's baubles hit the auction block last night at Christie's, exceeding expectations on almost every lot.
Six easy steps to a (be)dazzling smile.
Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing four packages—which contained over
Uh oh, what did Diddy do now. The rapper accidentally tossed
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