Diamond district

They take out loupes, right on the sidewalk, to inspect the rocks in their hands. They are dealers, appraisers, polishers, hustlers, talking about carats and khazeray, the Yiddish word for junk.
This film has been compared to a 'cocaine rush,' what more do you need to know?
"They threatened us, they threatened our lives... You’re on this planet, and in ten minutes, you could be gone."
The suspects apparently posed as customers before brandishing guns.
Things are wild in the luxury watch world.
They're also investigating whether or not it was an inside job.
Officers executed a manhunt on 47th Street that lasted for several hours.
The judge also gave Wasserman youthful offender status, meaning that his records will be sealed after he serves his time.
On New Year's Eve, video caught two "Hasidic" men breaking into
Flickr user wallyg When claiming bankruptcy, it's probably best that your
Yesterday afternoon, two men dressed in all black from head to
Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing four packages—which contained over
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