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It was mostly locals on the scene last night for Di Fara's reopening, following a two-day closure for unpaid taxes.

Gothamist was told the Midwood location would probably reopen around 3 p.m. on Thursday.

'I'm ready to do anything I can to get them reopened.'

The Midwood location has two warrants for unpaid taxes over the last two years, totaling $167,506.75.

Dom De Marco of Di Fara's fame, Paul Giannone of Paulie Gee's, pizza expert Adam Kuban, and Bobby Hellen of GG's have all contributed signature pizzas to a special series.

They'll be making custom-filled cannoli while shielding line waiters from the elements.

This city has the only pizza worth eating. Here's where to get it.

The extra chair meant they exceeded the DOH-mandated limit of 19 chairs in the restaurant.

The endless debate over the best pizza in NYC has been settled once and for all by the presumptive next mayor of New York City.

Here is the official, definitive, authoritative list of the best pizza in New York City and planet Earth.