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The former president is helping Zeldin raise money for his gubernatorial candidacy, but Democrats are pouncing.

Residents are objecting to a project that they say would ruin the character of this section of the Bronx.

The project has been a lightning rod as it’s made its way through the city’s multi-layered land rezoning process and was opposed by both the local community board and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.

“It’s about celebration and it’s an injection of hope into the community.”

"The rejection of the 960 Franklin Avenue proposal sends a powerful message to developers that the City will not be railroaded into overturning its own carefully considered zoning regulations."

The Special Flushing Waterfront District will erase a two-acre woodland, threaten a salt marsh and bring thousands of new residents into a heavily polluted flood zone that will be seriously impacted by sea-level rise.

The mayor's statement comes after a years-long contentious battle between residents and a high-profile developer who sought to raise two 39-story towers overlooking the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The proposal calls for 13 towers with more than 680,000 square feet of commercial space, nearly 900 hotel rooms and more than 1,700 new apartments.