Even as neighborhood advocates complained city officials turned a blind eye to their concerns, for-profit developers had regular communications access to the city-controlled agency that led the rezoning efforts.
The city requires that every borough have an animal shelter. The Bronx hasn't had one for years.
Their final day will be this Sunday, March 5th, after which they'll pack up the smokers and hand over the the building can be demolished by developers.
The fifth generation, family-owned company finally caved to one of the many developers who'd been stalking them for years.
"We have to think about supporting those units differently."
A little revenue gets raised, the wealthy take a modest hit to neutralize a meaningful one, lawmakers look like they're fighting for the little guy—what's not to like?
"With mandatory inclusionary, if we get it wrong, we won't get any housing. Because if it's too oppressive then the developer's not gonna build anything."
"The rich will get richer, but the poor will get apartments."
How one determined old man scored "by far the highest price ever paid to [relocate] a single tenant in the city of New York."
Goldman Sachs, the NYPD, and "unemployed" donors all favor de Blasio.
The buyer of the $115 million penthouse at One57 would have an annual bill of under $18,000, when they would typically owe $300,000.
Photo by Phillip Ritz On the last day of March owner
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