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One of leaks was attributed to an insufficiently insulated door leading to the rooftop area.

“We will move the books to another location in the library and provide regular updates to the community.”

Three fiction sections in the library are only accessible by stairs.

'There are these battles of access that often play out through architecture and urban design. They seem neutral at first, but then they become political.'

Over 400 designers from 36 countries submitted their ideas for the competition.

We were able to take a tour of what is arguably the handsomist glass box on the Lower East Side.

The iconic bilingual posters were in bodegas, on street corners, and draped on car windshields. And they inspired people to volunteer on her campaign.

Anyone who's ever looked at it knows the Atlantic-FourthBush intersection is hell, and one designer suggests a traffic circle there is the answer to the chaos.

The iconic tiles are everywhere—from Prospect Park to an Upper East Side co-op and the interior of the Washington Square Arch.