Deputy mayor

As first deputy, Lorraine Grillo, who was most recently the city’s “recovery czar,” will handle the day-to-day operations of city government and likely serve as acting mayor when Adams is away. .
Mayor Bloomberg ends his victorious Hurricane Irene week with the embarrassing news that a deputy mayor resigned because of a domestic violence arrest.
Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith abruptly resigned yesterday, but it doesn't seem like there will be too many tears shed for him in the city's halls of government.
Barely a year after he came to City Hall, former Indianapolis mayor Stephen Goldsmith is leaving. His replacement, Cass Holloway, used to be the chief of staff for the previous Deputy Mayor of Operations.
NYCMayor's Office As part of the residual blizzard-related-news trickle, the Daily
A former Goldman Sachs vice chairman and Treasury official under President
Robert Lieber, the deputy mayor for economic development, announced he's stepping
With outgoing deputy mayor Ed Skyler heading to Citibank, Mayor Bloomberg
Mayor Bloomberg's right hand man is leaving his job at City
Photoshop images of Skyler from the Daily News (left) and Post
At this point, the next chapter in the saga of whether Mayor
Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, who has spent many months (if not years)
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