Melvin Herrera-Interiano was deported in March and his family decided to follow him to Honduras eight months later.
Despite a federal judge’s order, ICE dropped off Hector Garcia Mendoza in a notoriously dangerous town in Mexico.
“I hope they hear this and don’t send Melvin back to Honduras because there are two children who are autistic who need their father," his partner said.
A Honduran mother who was separated from her teenage daughter at the Texas border now has a way to bring the girl back to the U.S.
De Blasio said he’s still a fierce opponent of ICE, even though he will allow city law enforcement to turn immigrants over to the agency if they’re convicted of more violent crimes.
Jakiw Palij will probably not be prosecuted.
'It's a very emotional day. This family has been traumatized,' City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said.
For the third time in his governorship, Andrew Cuomo exercised his pardoning power to block the deportation of immigrants with minor criminal convictions behind them.
A Queens father who's lived in the United States for nearly two decades is facing deportation back to his home country of China.
The delivery worker's wife said today, 'A lawyer told me that there is nothing he can do, that he is going to be deported.'
Residents of Edison, New Jersey received a brazenly racist campaign mailer on Wednesday calling for the deportation of two Asian-American candidates for school board, and promising to "Make Edison Great Again."
"Part of the reason DACA even exists is young people's willingness to expose themselves to danger," one immigration attorney said.
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