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Mayor Eric Adams has suspended the expansion of residential composting programs.

Advocates say that without safe and accessible housing options, Adams’s plan won’t reduce street homelessness.

At a budget hearing Friday, Councilmember Sandy Nurse noted that complaints about rat sightings and missed trash collections already increased during the pandemic

Before the pandemic, Manhattan was served by an average of 736 Sanitation trucks. In 2020, that was cut to 272 trucks and service is currently still lower than normal, with 440 trucks working in the borough.

Between Mulchfest, "Chipping Weekend," and street pick-up, here's how to discard your Christmas tree in NYC this year.

"This kind of an exhibit takes that hidden essence away, puts a face to some of the workers that are on the job."

With three days to go, New Yorkers face the prospect of 33,000 government workers being told to stay home when enforcement starts on Monday, hampering tax-funded services citywide.

"It was shocking, definitely felt like an earthquake, seeing a structure drag across the street," said a manager at Bar Six.

"A clean and safe community is truly the foundation for everything else, so this is another great sign that NYC is coming back strong."