Department of labor

“The fact that this fund has been depleted barely two months after it first opened is a testament to how badly New Yorkers need this lifeline."
Some COVID-19 relief money is on the way.
"It is just unconscionable that basically the Department of Labor is continuing to violate its own legal finding all to suit the needs of these corporations."
“I live paycheck to paycheck. I have no savings, and I spent my tax return on supplies for my child and my elderly parents. I just want to survive.”
Having settled the question of whether the 13-hour rule is valid, the Court of Appeals decision still leaves the door open to class-action lawsuits alleging violations of the policy.
'Firefighters are on call 24 hours and they get paid. Are we home attendants special because we're women? We are also on call. Why shouldn't we get all our pay?'
The amount was the most ever recovered by the state Department of Labor, and a 35% increase over the amount reclaimed in 2013.
The GPS is watching (via Jimmy Joe's flickr stream). Does your
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