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The 47-page report found that city taxpayers spent roughly $320,000 on the mayor’s security expenses during his 2019 White House bid.

The report stops short of faulting specific police leaders, including Commissioner Dermot Shea, for any role in the documented “deficiencies.”

The city of Newark has sued New York City over the Special One Time Assistance Program.

Eight people were arrested on Tuesday for their involvement in a forged parking placard scam.

'Sexual assault is not supposed to be part of his punishment. Not for him, not for any prisoners, including those who are afraid to speak up or give up after filing a first report.'

The NYPD rejected more than a third of the reforms pushed by its own Inspector General's Office last year.

Senior officials were indeed made aware of the deal, despite earlier claims to the contrary, the Department of Investigation found.

Investigators found no correlation between the rate of misdemeanor summonses and arrests, and that of felony crime.

"Are you sure you got it legally? Because you’re not acting like someone who did."

The NYC Department of Investigation released an extremely grim report about the