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The New York City Council voted last year to expand the city’s housing voucher system for New Yorkers experiencing homeless. But advocates, landlords, and voucher recipients say bureaucratic mishaps in the program are keeping people stuck in shelters longer than necessary.

Following a lawsuit brought by a trans activist, the city will be required to implement a number of changes to make the shelter system safer for trans and gender non-conforming people.

The Legal Aid Society says the city is rushing to move thousands of homeless New Yorkers from hotels back into shelters and in the process violating its legal obligations to those who are disabled.

"They’re ignoring all of these people in here. They’re moving them around like cattle. They don’t care."

After a months-long battle, a court has ruled that the city can move homeless men out of a hotel on the Upper West Side.

Officers involved in detaining a man who took a photograph of a cop without a mask on have been suspended.

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeless Services held a public hearing on the proposed rule.

If the city were paying Women In Need the same rate for services and operations at the Fourth Avenue shelters as at its Brownsville sites, it would result in a savings of about $87.6 million.

A sergeant for the city's Department of Homeless Services is facing charges of excessive force and filing a false police report.

One family's apartment didn't even have a certificate of habitability.