Department of homeland security

An undersheriff for the Orange County jail called the allegations about poor conditions ‘lies,’ and said specific accusations of racism and abuse will be investigated.
The Attorney General is also seeking a judgement that would prevent the Department of Homeland Security from imposing a similar ban on New Yorkers in the future.
Existing recipients will also need to re-apply yearly instead of every two years.
“You can't use the Department of Homeland Security as a political tool," Governor Cuomo said Friday.
"I knew it was going to be something shady like that," said Radames Mateo, a social worker from the Bronx, who had been waiting for his Global Entry interview since August and said he's given up hope of ever getting his money back.
After the meeting, Cuomo's administration said kicking New Yorkers out of Trusted Traveler Programs "was politically motivated and unwarranted."
"We're getting them out of our country, or we're going to incarcerate them," Trump said during an interview with 60 Minutes.
Police and federal agents are angling for that holiday bonus.
"There's no reason for our tax dollars to be used this way."
"It's depriving people of their livelihood," he said.
The timing, and the involvement of the Department of Homeland Security, are confusing.
The Department of Homeland Security just takes and takes and takes.
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