Department of health and mental hygiene

Other jurisdictions are reporting success with self-test reporting, but moving from pandemic to endemic could mean getting used to not knowing exactly where coronavirus infections are thriving.
“Dr. Vasan brings 20 years of expertise and experience working in public health that will ensure New Yorkers are well-equipped to continue the fight against COVID-19.”
With this knowledge, the city and health providers can glean important clues on how to approach these highly individual communities when it comes to lifestyle and medical habits.
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has formed a coalition to end clinical algorithms that use race as a variable for deciding patient care.
The board called on the city’s department of health to ramp up anti-racism efforts.
If the public doesn't know who is unvaccinated, hospitals and outreach groups can't work to reach those who've missed out.
New York City on Thursday issued some new tips in caring for surgical and cloth masks.
"It's not nice to be away from your home and your family, but the state has the power to do it under confined circumstances."
'Why is it that working people are fined while landlords who engage in reckless conduct that exposes children to permanent irreparable brain injury are rarely fined at all?'
The rats! The smells! The chaos!
"This is monstrous, monstrous, monstrous," Bourdain said.
It turns out most restaurants already do this. Shhh.
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