Department of health

Official testing numbers have been cut nearly in half over two weeks. Last year, a similar drop took six months.
"We’re going to be ready for September 20th," said Dr. Ted Long, a senior health official for the city.
“We are continuing with our universal mask policy at our schools,” said a city official.
The order applies to non-public and charter schools.
City health officials have expressed particular concern about the spread of the virus among the city's Orthodox community.
In one of the highest positivity rates seen in months, 4.71% of tests performed in the neighborhoods of Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst have come back positive in recent weeks.
There have been more than 200 recent confirmed cases in the Brooklyn neighborhood.
"We learned that our own system for recording these flawed."
Around 28,500 people are enrolled in methadone clinics across the city.
Health inspectors will now be authorized to look for CBD food-and-beverage products as part of routine food safety inspections.
An investigation from WNYC found lead-dust levels as much as 1,000 times the city';s current safety standard in four schools.
The Lot Radio will reopen its Brooklyn coffee and wine kiosk in May, following several months of them working with city agencies to get the food and drink station up to code.
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