Department of environmental protection

The newest Peregrine falcon lives in a modest one nest apartment with its mother.
The DEP has set up water fountains for nearby residents
Typically the city prohibits dumping anything into street catch basins but has suspended that rule in light of the historic deluge of rainfall.
This is the fourth water main break in Manhattan this year.
A water main broke on Broadway just north of Columbus Circle before dawn Monday, creating a temporary lake outside of Lincoln Center and snarling commutes.
'I noticed it tasted a little bit like dirt and a little metallic, almost like a penny.'
You can grab the water dish at any of the Department of Environmental Protection's Water on the Go pop ups.
The employee agreed to resign and pay thousands in restitution for the theft.
These gardens were meant to help with flooding—now they are helping with the Lepidoptera!
According to a new whistleblower lawsuit, Newtown Creek is even more disgusting that we previously thought.
And only ONE ticket has been issued in response.
Don't worry, the stuff coming out of New York's faucets is still the champagne of tap waters.
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