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Mayor Eric Adams, who has dyslexia, has made improving literacy a top priority.

The company that sold 160,000 air purifiers to the Department of Education benefited from a lobbying campaign that reached high into the upper ranks of City Hall.

The long, drawn out saga of the Adams administration’s cuts to school budgets has had many twists and turns over the past couple months.

The education department said the company that sold the air purifiers to the city – Delos Living – has an exclusive contract to distribute the costly filters. The high price tag comes as schools face hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to spending by the Adams administration.

In a temporary victory for Mayor Eric Adams, an appellate judge blocked a lower court’s decision last week, allowing his administration to implement hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to school budgets based on declining enrollment in New York City schools.

A state Supreme Court ruling on Friday nullified the city’s education budget, and the Adams administration has filed a notice of appeal, further delaying clarity on school funding.

The decision is in response to a lawsuit filed by parents and teachers hoping to roll back an estimated $370 million in cuts to public school budgets for the coming school year. The case will move to a hearing scheduled for August 4th.

The City Council approved more than $200 million in cuts to schools in the city's budget last month. Parents have sued, seeking a temporary restraining order to preserve funding.

Schools Chancellor David Banks has promised to convene a task force to overhaul the city’s Fair Student Funding formula, which some education advocates have decried as inequitable.

While the law adds four additional parent representatives to the Panel for Educational Policy, the city will be given six months to add them, per a last-minute amendment.