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Attorneys called the practice 'a clear end run around crucial protections designed to limit New Yorkers' contact with solitary confinement.'

Thomas Hamm will receive a payment from the city, which must also reaffirm its non-discrimination policy toward visitors at corrections facilities.

"If it would have been me," his alleged victim said, "I would’ve been locked up."

The inmate was also hospitalized, but the DOC would not confirm his injuries.

"They were throwing inmates off the bleachers," one plaintiff said.

Apparently prisoners are still smoking cigarettes, and crack.

The chief investigator at Rikers Island has stepped down after a series of scandals.

The DOC says both officers were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

One person suffered an asthma attack and another had a seizure as a result of a stuck elevator.

Six of the victims suffered minor injuries, while the seventh sustained non-life threatening injuries.