Department of correction

One concern is a lack of correction officers to take detainees to their appointments, given that the staff absence rate is 30%.
An estimated 200 incarcerated people are going without food to protest conditions on the island. Officials deny that detainees have stopped eating completely.
Detainees said they’ve gone weeks or even months without leaving their housing units.
Malcolm Boatwright, 28, died this morning after being transported to Bellevue Hospital, according to corrections authorities.
As a result of the pandemic, nearly a third of the roughly 5,400 people currently held in city jails have been waiting more than a year for a trial.
New data shows that, as of November 3rd, 1,515 uniformed staffers were on sick leave and another 39 had gone AWOL, only a slight improvement since the city's lawsuit was withdrawn.
"[A]ny non-published internal version of that same database could reveal a great deal about the numbers of unresolved, unsubstantiated, or abandoned misconduct complaints that have yet to see the light of day."
With three days to go, New Yorkers face the prospect of 33,000 government workers being told to stay home when enforcement starts on Monday, hampering tax-funded services citywide.
"Blaming the like the captain of the Titanic blaming the iceberg.”
The second largest jail on Rikers Island is now under quarantine, a first since the start of the pandemic.
At least five of those deaths were suicides.
Karim Isaabdul was being held at the troubled city correctional facility on a parole violation.
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