Department of consumer affairs

Despite legislation aimed building a fairer system, street vendors still say it's hard to do business legally.
The lawsuit accuses Berkeley College of "voracious greed" in its targeting of low-income students.
'We have no time and a half, no pension, no sick days.'
While legal elsewhere in the country, restaurant surcharges are a no-go at city restaurants, even though some of them add them to the bill.
In addition to a fine, there are new requirements placed on the pricey grocer, which disagrees with the DCA's findings.
Small businesses would be fined $250 for a first violation, and $500 for second and subsequent violations.
Con Ed says that if one business closes its doors during the summer, it can prevent the release of more than 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide.
The company has issued an overcharging mea culpa.
A Department of Consumer affairs investigation revealed the "worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers" at the city's fleet of pricey grocery stores.
There is some justice in this world: After months of wrangling with the city over his Astor Place newsstand, Jerry Delakas has finally secured a victory. A victory that will set him back $9,000, but a victory nonetheless.
"To have your property taken from you in public is humiliating, and in this case it wasn't even legal."
Why should it cost more to jazz up the area above one's peen than the area above one's vajayjay?
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