Department of city planning

The 290-page Comprehensive Waterfront Plan includes equity measures and mentions a revived study that could install massive barriers in the mouth of major waterways, potentially setting the stage for one of the largest infrastructure projects in New York’s history.
Under guidelines currently being drafted, outdoor dining structures must be easy to disassemble, moveable to allow snow removal and utility work, and not be enclosed. On top of that, restaurants will have to begin paying fees to use public space for the structures.
"It's time to make [privately owned public space] great again."
The Donald got a lucrative zoning deal to maintain it as a public space.
The reminders are all around us.
As if this city wasn't crowded enough, now the bean counters at the U.S. Census Department have shrunk the city by two square miles. Couldn't they have just shrunk the Meatpacking District?
From the moment the results of the 2010 Census were released
City officials are looking to rezone about 75 blocks of the
The Department of City Planning, under the orders of Bloomberg has discovered
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