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Draft rules proposed by the Adams administration include loopholes that could allow wealthy building owners to pay their way out of making the necessary retrofits for energy efficiency.

Typically the city prohibits dumping anything into street catch basins but has suspended that rule in light of the historic deluge of rainfall.

The developers were converting the Bronx building known for its prominent History Channel billboard for a new charter school, and hired architect Sir David Adjaye for the $50 million redesign.

The incident in December immediately raised concerns about building safety, an issue that has over the years dogged New York City.

One employee was repairing a second-floor towel dispenser when the building "began creaking ominously," but he was able to escape with only minor injuries.

Wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour were expected throughout the day.

New York now joins the more than other 30 states that currently mandate licensing for elevator contractors, including those involved in design and construction as well as repair.

The news came on the same day that the City Council was holding a hearing on the proposed rules.

One bill would require that an initial drone inspection be done within 48 hours of a facade-related 311 complaint or DOB violation.

In May, the Department of Buildings issued a report which named named terra cotta as one of three common concerns pertaining to facade breakdowns.