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Tracking coronavirus through the sewers will be more important after there’s a vaccine, DEP commissioner says.

About a year ago, dozens of homes were flooded with sewage after a pipe collapsed.

DEP aims to trace any spike in the levels of COVID-19 in the wastewater back to the neighborhood it came from so that public health officials can contain the spread.

Up to 300 homes could have been flooded from a sewer backup in a Queens neighborhood over the weekend.

Police are responding to reports of a sea mine that may have washed up under the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge in East Williamsburg.

These fat icebergs are basically garbage monsters that clog our sewers.

The fatberg trash monsters are coming, and the city wants everyone to join the battle against them.

'It smells and tastes like mold,” said one resident of Peter Cooper Village. 'Every once and a while your water has a bleach sort of smell to it, or if you’re used to hard water it’s like a metallic taste, but it’s not like that at all. It’s really very much like mold.'

'The sidewalk was cracked and is separating from the building so that it looks like an earthquake hit.'