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Earlier this week, the NYPD said they may reduce the number of cops searching for Avonte, who went missing three weeks ago.

City public schools have been back in session for almost a month now, but it appears teachers are still waiting for a significant number of their new Common Core-approved textbooks.

After initially downgrading the test percentiles for about 2,700 students, it appears another 305 students got higher scores than they'd been told to begin with.

As promised, more than 8,000 school bus drivers went on strike this morning leaving some 152,000 students stranded.

And the school bus strike appears to be on.

According to Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott a strike by school bus drivers is "not now a matter of if, but a matter of when."

So, to 71 kids who now have to retake the ridiculously not hard Regents exams? Let us, once again, explain to you the VERY easy way to study for these guys.

This morning's depressing story about a fifth-grader being barred by his principal from giving a speech about gay marriage has gotten a happy ending—sort of.

Probably better than spending $100 million or so a year on keeping them employed, which the DOE says we currently do.

A NYC Department of Education Employee has been arrested and charged with sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.