"It was clear that they were given some type of directive to use the curfew as an excuse to escalate violence and abuse."
In a late night press conference in Brooklyn, the mayor also pleaded with protestors to go home.
The event was one of hundreds of scheduled “Impeach and Remove” demonstrations organized around the country.
'If only there were a place in New York where all the wealth of the world were coalesced on, say, a certain street, maybe we could tax it more.'
'This museum houses collections obtained through imperial plunder. Diverse programming is not enough!'
Donald Trump has been president for almost a month, and the protests don't seem to be slowing down at all.
Officers caused lasting hearing damage with their improper use of LRADs during a 2014 Eric Garner protest, the suit claims.
"The idea that the NYPD has a weapon that can cause permanent hearing damage and is willing to use it on peaceful demonstrators definitely has a chilling effect."
The couple, along with social media activism organization Help or Hush, hired three food trucks to feed protestors last night.
Chanting, "We won't break anything, but we won't buy anything," protesters stormed retail establishments, declaring, "No justice, no Christmas."
An enormous Palestinian flag was unfurled from the south side of the Manhattan Bridge earlier this evening as protesters marched across the nearby Brooklyn Bridge to protest Israeli attacks in Gaza.
As a day of mass protests on May Day draws closer, Occupy Wall Street activist Justin Wedes talks about the movement.
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