During the opening of an exhibition celebrating the museum's 50th anniversary, activists took to the gallery floor.
Demonstrators decorated a subway car Friday to protest the presence of defense manufacturer Warren Kanders on the Whitney Museum's board.
"We're building an America that is going to discriminate and divide us."
A smattering of protesters turned out in the frigid cold this morning in an attempt to form a symbolic unemployment line from Bowling Green to Union Square.
If you're outraged about the "not guilty" verdict handed down today in the trial of two NYPD officers accused of raping a drunk East Village woman in her home, there will be a demonstration Friday.
NYU students have a lot of debt and they are sick of
Today is the 23rd annual World AIDS Day, which aims to raise
There's something for everyone in this not-at-Ground Zero mosque controversy! This week
[UPDATE BELOW] Police are currently deploying a tall ladder to forcibly remove
PETA got back to their "Meat Is Murder" basics earlier this
Our colleagues at Torontoist provided balls to the wall coverage of the
BP protesters in Berkeley. (Via Zombie Time) Protest organizers are expecting
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