In reaction to the building's destruction, one urban critic wrote, 'I weep for my city; it is committing urban suicide.'
Roughly 40% of the facade along Coffey Street has already been torn down.
The controversial razing, which occurred on a day when many New Yorkers were preparing to head out of town, took community members by surprise and sparked an uproar on social media.
It's unlikely there will be any tears shed for the Grand Hyatt, at least in its current form.
The church confirmed that demolition plans are in the works.
A bird's eye view of the cultural destruction of NYC.
That old movie theater found above a bodega in the East Village is currently being demolished.
The building has no support columns to hold up the roof.
The public and officials gather to dream up possibilities for the World's Fair relic.
A new roller coaster be constructed—and it's going to be called Super Storm.
A look back at the demolition of the original Penn Station—which the NY Times called "a monumental act of vandalism."
Building up and tearing down buildings is part of New York City's history. Click through for photos showing the demolition of some of the city's past architectural casualties—from Pennsylvania Station to The Tombs.
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