Democratic party

“We’d love to work together more than anything,” one reformer said. “But unity is not squashing dissent.”
In past election cycles, unaffiliated voters have been locked out of primaries if they didn’t register into a party nearly a year from election day, a lag time that is worse than just about every state in America.
Margarita López Torres clashed with Brooklyn's Democratic Party boss and fought for judicial reform at the U.S. Supreme Court. Now opponents in her surrogate's court judge race accuse her of kowtowing to party bosses.
Sanders laid out his vision of the future for the Democratic Party, but wouldn't commit to switching his party affiliation to officially join the party.
"The Democratic Party cannot continue to be run by the liberal elite."
Rumors in Democratic circles suggest Chelsea Clinton is being looked at as a potential House candidate in New York, which is great. Just great.
"How did the panel reach a decision that wasn't based on the right standards?"
"The landlords don't like her and the one percent don't like her."
According to the Clinton campaign, Sanders's team has been dragging its feet, rejecting at least three offers to debate on April 4th, 14th, and 15th.
The presidential primary in New York is still on April 19th.
A recent poll showed 51% of Jewish voters in New York have an "unfavorable" opinion of president Obama, with 71% saying he's doing a "poor or bad job."
Everyone's favorite Bronxchester, soon-to-be former State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., makes
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