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The effort by an independent expenditure committee to have more voters register with the Democratic Party ahead of the June primary has irked Republicans who see the push as a cheap way of luring more moderate voices to the party.

Many people have suggested that high COVID-19 rates are linked to political preference. So Jake Dobkin dug into the data.

Late New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg practiced the kind of progressive liberalism that is becoming increasingly rare in the Senate.

"I will resign from the Assembly Monday morning by 10 a.m. Everything will end Monday."

So taxpayers paid $100K to the accusers, while Lopez dipped into his own money to add to the settlement.

Smith would be totally cool with Walmat coming to NYC.

Former Queens congresswoman Geraldine A. Ferraro, the first woman nominated to

It's no secret that the incumbent party doesn't have much of

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer recommended using the jobless to help

The Daily News reports the shocking news that mad-as-hell Republican gubernatorial