“I believe everyone should be able to vote by mail,” Hochul said.
His second-term promise generally fell into three big buckets around electoral democracy, the 2020 census, and civic engagement. The results were decidedly mixed.
If enacted, the law would grant voting rights in local elections to nearly 900,000 noncitizen legal permanent residents.
A new report seeks to revive election reforms after failure of ballot measures.
During a Tuesday hearing, elections officials cited “burdens” of reforms, as lawmakers eye more changes.
Assemblymember Latrice Walker said AVR put the state on the right side of history, “by acknowledging years of voter suppression."
Check out the latest results for the presidential race, local congressional races, and more.
One man told us he was waiting before the poll site opened because he loved "the ceremony of voting, the whole idea of voting on Election Day."
The sites have voters assigned to them seemingly without regard to the space capacity of each location.
Early voting in NYC is from October 24th through November 1st.
As the city prepares to hold a presidential election during an ongoing pandemic, election officials are more concerned than ever about crowding at poll sites.
The next races for mayor, comptroller, public advocate and city council will all be conducted using ranked choice voting.
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