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Videos like this make us curse the Wright Brothers for ever giving us the gift of flight.

The nightmare began on Wednesday afternoon, when Delta Flight 975 was scheduled to depart JFK for Los Angeles at 3:30. Instead, it was delayed for 18 hours.

The incident apparently happened while the flight was descending into New York.

The groundbreaking was approved by Port Authority last month, and is being touted by the governor as the "final component of the entirely new, unified airport."

A dispute between an allegedly racist Delta airlines pilot and a younger flight attendant erupted in the aisle of a Maine-bound plane on Monday.

New York's hated airports are taxiing towards improvements.

The Public Theater is standing by its now-controversial production of Julius Caesar, which has come under scrutiny for the Trump-like resemblance of the title character.

Passengers traveling through JFK's busiest terminals will now encounter a new type of checkpoint screening, one that officials claim will improve security while reducing wait times by 30 percent.