Delivery cyclists

"Most of us work full time, ten to twelve hours a day, and you need to use the bathroom," said one worker who has been denied the use of a restroom by restaurants for which he delivers food.
A housing development planned for Sunset Park features secure bike parking for residents and free slots for delivery workers.
“He was hardworking,” Estrada told Gothamist. “He came here looking for a better future and a better life. He wanted to contribute to this country.”
Restaurants became even more reliant on third-party delivery services over the past year, but that came at a price for them and for delivery workers.
According to the NYPD, only 71 e-bike citations were issued to businesses in all of 2019, while 1,052 summonses—which carry $500 fines—were given to riders.
Of course, the law (and proper NYC bike etiquette) requires that cyclists yield to pedestrians.
Cuomo has until the end of the month to sign legislation that would legalize e-bikes and e-scooters.
'We just want them to stop torturing the food delivery workers.'
For more than two years, Jing Wang embedded herself with Chinese delivery workers and documented their lives and efforts to organize against the city's crackdown on e-bikes, a battle that is still ongoing.
In at least three cases this year, the NYPD has taken legal action to confiscate property and impose $500 fines on working cyclists, even after city legal officials initially tossed out the penalties.
While the arrest report states that cops did not use force against Parham, the video shows three officers tackling the delivery worker to the ground.
Thanks to NYPD officers who took video while they were driving their cars, we see the whole incident.
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