The family-run restaurant ran into big problems with its gas lines during a recent Department of Buildings inspection.
Eight people in four states, including NY, have gotten sick.
A Brooklyn woman was arrested for slapping a 71-year-old driver in the face this morning, after the reckless senior crashed her car into a Bensonhurst deli.
This happened at the Habibi Deli in Cypress Hills.
The victim says his attackers were riled up after they discovered a deli worker in the bodega didn't speak English well.
"I think [Trump's] doing the wrong thing," one deli worker said. "He makes people more racist."
This happened last week.
Members of Run the Jewels and Holy Ghost! are rolling out classic Jewish deli staples at Frankel's.
This is next-wave deli: part artisanal sandwich shop, part cutesy general store.
Seven people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, including the deil's workers and two motorists.
They allegedly tried to pay a customer $1,000 for the $1 million jackpot ticket.
The store has been keeping the machete at the counter for only a month.
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