The advice immediately spurred criticism on social media, with many pointing to testing delays that have persisted for more than month.
As testing has become more available, increased demand across the country is lengthening the turnaround time for results at private labs.
It's 5:30 p.m. on Monday, do you know where your train home is?
Also, their dog ate the G train.
Who will write the subway meltdown blog if everyone is stuck on the train?
The reviews are in from this morning's B train commute, which critics are calling: 'crazy' and 'delightful,' and 'im trapped on the fucking b train im real life gonna CRY.'
Yeah, the L train wasn't quite working this morning.
The MTA bragged that the number of delayed trains are down 17 percent from last year. That means riders waited nine seconds less on the platform, and 25 seconds less on the train to reach their destination.
Commuters on the A and C trains were forced to contend with lengthy rush hour delays this morning because of an unusual noise.
Did your commute this morning make you want to rip your skin off?
The 7 train is still working out the kinks in its new high-tech signal system. Please be patient.
Evacuations! Sweat lodges! Confusing announcements! Stalled trains! Underwater trains! Magic tricks where C trains turn into F trains then turn into D trains! Wig brawls!
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