'This is why I'm late for work,' one passenger said while looking at the goose. 'They should give me that and let me cook it.'
It's unclear how (or why) the bike got there.
A case of the Mondays, again.
The uploader wrote: "NYPD is called to assistance on the "3" train in Brooklyn @ Brooklyn Museum. Man resisting arrest and officer calls for backup. Meanwhile, a woman goes rogue and pays the price...."
Holiday Arboricide 2012 just got DELAYED.
"Switching problems" at 14th Street-Union Square have thrown the 4/5/6 lines into disarray this morning.
It just got a little bit harder to blame the MTA for your tardiness. A little.
Looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer for the city's ambitious new bike share program.
A man was fatally struck by a 1 train at the W 28th Street station in Manhattan this afternoon.
A man jumped in front of a train at the 72nd Street and Broadway subway station in the middle of rush hour this morning, causing massive delays to 1, 2, and 3 trains. [UPDATE BELOW]
NJ Transit gives its train commuters yet another reason to complain.
"What appears to be a door panel in the tunnel" caused a thirty minute delay on the L train this morning.
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