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About a half dozen vendors have set up "ordering stations" on the sidewalk outside the City Point Mall.

Food is okay to bring in, but the park wants attendees to buy alcohol for sale on the premises.

It's the largest of its kind in NYC, featuring 40 distinct food vendors, a butcher shop, a cheese shop, a bakery and a fishmonger.

The sandwich superstars are opening an outpost in the forthcoming Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.

Saturday marked the first ever balut-eating contest at Dekalb Market, where anxious competitors elbowed one another for the opportunity to devour as many of the unborn duck fetuses as possible.

What's being promoted as New York City's first ever balut-eating contest will go down this Saturday (and hopefully stay down) at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn.

Dekalb Market doesn't have to go home, but it can't stay here...

Yet another outdoor food market is coming to Brooklyn this weekend, but does the borough need any more?